Flex Teams

TalentNow’s SOW Management, Project Management, and Contract Management streamlined in One Solution

Flex Teams

TalentNow’s SOW Management, Project Management, and Contract Management streamlined in One Solution

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Full Transparency

TalentNow gives you Full Transparency with your SOW through Flex Team Modules, providing:

  • The ability to manage your Statement of Work (SOW) contracts
  • An agile approach to the workflow of product management
  • Gap closure between expectation and delivery
  • Transparency between Vendor, Project Teams, and Stakeholders
  • Tracking and accountability through milestones and deliverables
  • Provides the Health and the Success of all projects


TalentNow Flex Teams module

The TalentNow Flex Teams module is a project management tool giving you a better way to source and manage composite project teams using the Statement of Work (SOW) engagement model.


TalentNow identifies which vendors are aligned to an open SOW and allows onboarding and offboarding to be an automated process with the ability to make changes. Instantly.

Your time is valuable. Get an automated approval of workflows for commercial terms and conditions. Plus, the ability to track and control budget compliance with automated alerts and controls.

TalentNow provides automated alerts and controls with real-time visibility into each milestone, from creation to completion, eliminating missed requirements.

TalentNow Teams module delivers transparency throughout the engagement including billing, invoicing with time and expense all in one solution.

TalentNow delivers on-demand talent:

  • Curated A-list Talent from Interns to Experts
  • Sourcing from Your Direct Talent Pool
  • Sourcing from TalentNow’s Partnership with Freelance Marketplace
  • Ensuring Your Project has a Full Bench of Talent Working for You

TalentNow Teams were built to manage the entire statement of work engagement with a project-based approach.

  • Optimize your team to ensure the SOW is on track and on budget
  • Track tasks against requirements
  • Manage the entire SOW to the final deliverable in one easy view

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