Contingent workforce management simplified

Building the future of work, today

Contingent workforce management simplified

Building the future of work, today

A better way to get the talent you need now

TalentNow is your One Solution for all your staffing needs. Our software is a single platform Vendor Management System (VMS) that provides:

AI-Driven Private MarketPlace

A Talent Identification Process that is Data-Driven and works intuitively for better results

Flex Teams

An advanced tool to source & manage workflow, budget, and compliance

Advanced Analytics & Insights

World’s most advanced assessment of skills, market, and wage data all in one solution

Why Choose Us

TalentNow saves you Time, Money, and Resources with our One Solution software.

We are transforming how companies Hire, Retain, and Grow a diverse global workforce.

On-Demand Talent

TalentNow reduces candidate sourcing time and offers an immediate contingent workforce by providing:

  • Multiple Screening Channels
  • Reduced Interview Time
  • Reduced Time to Hire
  • Fully Qualified Talent Pipelines
  • Redeployed Existing Talent

Better User Experience Through AI

TalentNow provides Intuitive and Exceptional Ease of Operation:

  • Smart Technology Drives Candidate Process
  • AI Dictates Ideal Talent Match
  • Increases Retention
  • Saves Time, Money, and Resources

One Solution

End-to-End Sourcing & Management

One Solution does it ALL:

  • Req to Check
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Onboarding Talent
  • Performance Management
  • Assessment Management- Offboarding
  • Automated Workflows
  • Audit Trials 
  • Document Repositories

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

TalentNow offers fully customizable dashboards providing:

  • Labor Market Data
  • Job Posting Analytics
  • Compensation Data
  • Real-Time Information 
  • Self-Serve Reporting

Let's talk

TalentNow is ready to assist you in all your staffing needs. Schedule a demo now and we will prove we can save you Time, Money, and Resources.